The new interactive room

The new interactive room


If you are on the Entiore campus, you can’t have missed the new interactive room! It was built at the end of last year, and you may have already attended a class in this extraordinary space.

It has 5 TVs along the side walls, no desk, but wheeling chairs with a tablet support, and at the back of the room, a touch screen with an awesome video projector. Have we travelled to the future? Almost.

I had the opportunity during the two following weeks to attend a class in this room and the least I can say is that it really improves productivity.

A big plus for collective work, as you can connect 4 computer screens to one TV to share our discoveries with the other students. Very useful for the web and communication courses. The wheeling chairs with writing tablet supports move about smoothly and make things a lot easier: the room can be arranged to suit us our whims, a big advantage for collective work!

The video projector in the touch screen is the best part! Presentations become suddenly much more interesting.

PS: Even though we can enjoy more sunlight with the bay window there’s no reason why the curious students at the back of the room should stick their faces into our computers.


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