Ello, The « anti-Facebook » social network ?

For their English lesson, the students of the web section had to criticize a new social media. So, today, we decided to present « Ello » which is considered as an « anti-facebook » social network. Few people say that it can be the future of Facebook. We are going to talk about that :

Say hello to Ello

« Say Hello to Ello… »


What is Ello ?

Ello is a social networking service created by Paul Budnitz and Todd Berger in March 2014. It was created as a free alternative to existing social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s currently in Beta version.

The Ello service claims several notable distinguishing intentions as a social network:

  • never sell user data to advertisers or third parties
  • never show advertisements
  • not enforce a real-name policy

 How can we join Ello ?

Before, you had to be invited by a member because it was a very closed circle. In fact, at the begining, Ello was only used by artists and now, due to its popularity, you still need to ask for an invitation, but it is automatically sent to you by e-mail within seconds.

Ello has today over 1 millions users who are in general artists, hipsters (cause it’s a trend) and people who are curious.

Some critics of Ello:

LeFigaro.fr said:  » The confidentiality rules are to simple, it can be dangerous because the site dose not dispose of any tools to prevent people from accessing account information, for example when stalking is involved. »

Business2community.com: « 6 days after signup, 75% of the users are not active anymore which proves that most people sign up just because they are curious »

It shows that Ello seems to be a fad. People just sign up  because they are curious but when they realise that Ello is not as complete, ergonomic and useful as Facebook or Twitter. Thet never come back.

The opinion of web students:

For us, it’s only a copy of twitter and Facebook but not as complete. It’s only a fad. Furthermore, this social network doesn’t correspond to us because it is especially for artist and hipsters who only want to follow the trends.

Ello was created last year and we spoke a lot of about it during last September but today everyone has forgot about it. Like we said before, it’s a fad and there are a lot chances that it disappears. I think that Ello will never replace Facebook.


Written by Fabien VINCENT


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