Jean, the new blog writer

Jean, the new blog writer

Hi there!

This is me: Jean, 20 years old and B3 student at TBS.

Though I wanted to be a vet up until my last year at high-school, I’ve always loved commerce. I didn’t feel like taking on preparatory vet studies, and I was interested in Marketing, communication & the web and especially entrepreneurship. With its Bachelor degree, Toulouse Business School offered a course which fitted all my needs and which I could take on right after the BAC.

After my first year in Toulouse, I went to Barcelona to do my second year. There, I followed a “Social web and digital marketing” course which enabled me to learn, improve and consolidate my knowledge in these fields. Spain, the heat, the culture… I enjoyed all of it a great deal, and I therefore decided to stay in Barcelona for my internship. I worked at EGI Group, where I was an assistant manager for 4 months.

At the beginning of 2015, I launched my own business: Silgoweb is a kind of digital agency with a wide range of services for professionals and individuals (logo design, web design, CV design, business cards, website promotion, etc.). During my 3rd year, I came to Toulouse to apply for the school incubator, and my project was chosen. I had my first workshop at the incubator this very month!

Next year, I want to carry on my studies with a Master’s Degree (a grande école or postgraduate [IEA] programme) and carry on developing my business whilst gaining experience. And later on, I would like to do training.

Anyway, lots of work ahead!

See you soon for more articles on this blog


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