Courses in Enac school

Courses in Enac school

Hello students of Tbs and readers of our blog.

Enac ToulouseWe are a team from the aviation progam which means we have the pleasure to leave Tbs 2 days a week to study at Enac (Ecole Nationale d’Aviation Civile).

We bet you’re curious to know what happens here ! And we also bet that most of you are going to be a bit jealous after reading this article !

Which differences between Tbs and Enac ?

First of all, at Enac our schedule changes every week and we never have the same professors. The exam system is different since it’s continuous tests, we have an exam almost every week, on what we studied the week before.

We bet you’re wondering what we study here, and no they’re not teaching us to become pilotes, and no we don’t have flight tests (sadly). Our courses present a general view of the aviation world, from technical courses to laws and regulations without forgetting economics and marketing.

What can we do at Enac ?

Enac cafetEnough of the boring talk, at Enac we have 2 restaurants and a cafeteria (now you’re jealous Tbs people). We also have an art gallery and many places to chill outside.

Well, we don’t know all the halls at Enac because honestly, it’s a huge campus. Some people in our class even live at Enac, since they have dorms. Yes, that’s pratical not so Juan and George ?

Not to forget, we have good grades !!!!

Nevertheless, we miss the young Tbs population since we are the youngest people at Enac !!


Students team : Selima JELJELI, Aurore BAUDRY, Pauline COURTES, Pierre SUBREVILLE, Quentin ARDON, Sithearoth BUN, Sixtine PREDAL, Safir SOUCI
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