About Me, Kieran, student at the TBS Bachelor

About Me, Kieran, student at the TBS Bachelor

Hi guys! My name is Kieran and I’m a 3rd year student from Newcastle University in England currently studying at TBS for my Erasmus year abroad. I’ve spent my whole life living in Nottingham at the cold gloomy heart of England, so when the opportunity to leave for a year arose I couldn’t say no!

I chose TBS for the main reason that it is consistently one of the best performing Business Schools in Europe, and, as a Grande École (one of France’s elite schools), it is somewhere that is renowned for its high calibre of teaching.

Boring part over.

I’ve been in Toulouse for almost 3 months now and I have had the most amazing experience possible. Toulouse is a truly amazing city with incredible food, beautiful scenery and cheerful, welcoming people. The nightlife is vibrant (one of the main reasons I chose Toulouse) and everything is so accessible and close together that you hardly have to stray far from your doorstep to find whatever you’re looking for. Toulouse is also a huge sporting city, with a football team in the top French division, Ligue 1, and Stade Toulousain – arguably the one of the best rugby union club sides in the world and the most decorated in Europe. There is honestly something for everyone!

For me Toulouse is a perfect base to travel Europe from, whether it can be a day trip to the medieval La Cité in Carcassonne, a weekend stay in Paris, or even a flight out to Italy. I’ve been lucky enough to see Barcelona and Brussels so far this semester, and I plan on doing a whole lot more travelling next semester.

I hope you enjoy our articles and that we can send you on the right path by choosing TBS!

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