A web orientated internship? What’s it like?

A web orientated internship? What’s it like?

Hello everyone,

I want to share my experience with you to help you find your internship.

Having had a great interest in Internet from a very young age, I naturally chose the web section. As I am really enthusiastic about it, I already knew quite a lot. This field enabled me to turn what I knew into Knowledge, gave me confidence, and enabled me to become a player of the digital era.

At the moment I’m working (as an intern) for Mr and Mrs Benchetrit, a very kind and cultivated family! Mr Benchetrit  is a professor at TBS (a contributor to the web part of the Bachelor and Master programmes). He also works at Airbus Defense and Space. The family markets design furniture on internet thanks to their e-commerce shop which specializes in design furniture, lighting fixtures and interior design.

This is where I come in, I work for the internet part, with Mrs Benchetrit (for the moment) haha !

My assignments involve:

In fact, they’re only a few examples, because I actually have hundreds of different tasks, and that’s the brilliant thing about the web! Moreover, I am lucky to have an employer who’s open to discussion and to the ideas I suggest! As they lead to the tasks, they quickly become more interesting, don’t they?

If you like the web, you’re on a highway to an ever-evolving market, where every day, you’ll find “new tasks”, which means new jobs. I use quotation marks because multi-skills can make a difference in this job sector. It is thus important to know a bit about everything and to not leave any stone unturned. In the web world, nothing is complicated if you know how to use your Google friend. No more everlasting hours at the library looking for answers to your questions, with Google it’s: your question followed by a question mark and a quick, summarized and (almost) free access to culture.

The web is the future. And we’re part of its beginning and there’s still so much to be done! With some motivation and a few google searches, you have no more excuses for “not knowing how to” or not using the web for your professional purposes (whether it’s for your employer or… for you!) for proof, I created my own e-commerce shop specialized in hookahs.

If an internship opportunity comes your way, don’t hesitate, jump right in!



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